Industrial Design
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Better Bin


Design for NYC

Better bin we designed for New York City will bring dramatically cleaner streets, and better serve sanitation workers as well as public people. The triangular bin shape creates more space for transportation and storage. No overflow of trash thanks to the new design of the bin top. Volume indication and better ventilation due to the aesthetic pattern on the bin wall. Better bin satisfies everything New York City want.


Team Introduction

We are first year industrial design graduate student at Pratt institute


Design Process

Our team looked into existing trash cans in NYC and found some of problems which include: trash cans often fill up before they are scheduled to be emptied, which often results in the bags being placed on the sidewalk. Trash lids are not practical not only for a user but sanitation worker. It is common to see people put trash on the top of the lid instead of put trash inside trashcan. So we put out a questionnaire which we used to a user experience, the feedback concluded that most people want a lid on the trashcan, making it more enclosed.

Problems we found on the recent trash bin on NYC streets.

Problems we found on the recent trash bin on NYC streets.

After gathering all of the information with BetterBin requirements, lots of ideas came about, depending on the UX hierarchy needs, the requirements are divided into two layers with priority consideration and secondary consideration. Once the first version was decided, mock-ups were made for testing. Several materials were used, such as plastic cup as well as chipboards and foam boards. We created a 3D model and rendering it, which we used to communicate our idea.

The sketch and model we made to improve our ideas,

The sketch and model we made to improve our ideas,

There is a video to show our design process in early stage.


Final Product

The trashcan has 34 inched height, 21 inches width, which can hold 42 gallons inside the trashcan.


The details that we have include ways for throwing out trash, improving sanitation services, drainage systems, avoiding infestation, ergonomic for sanitary workers.

Either side of the trash bin has holes, which is suitable for an adult’s hand. It allows sanitation work to pull, lift and pour the trash out with or without plastic bag in it.

On the top of the trash bin has a 10°inclined angle, which encouraging people to not place trash on it if the bin is already full. The opening is on a higher position, which allows people to reduce the desire to throw trash.

There are 360 degree handle at the bottom for workers to grad and hold. The trash bin has holes on the bottom that allow rain to drain out. The rain and other liquids inside will accumulate in the lowest position and then drain out.

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The small holes on the bin’s wall allows sanitation workers to see the volume of trash, and also work as a ventilation system allows the smell to exist. There is an extra part at the back of the trashcan for sanitation worker to place plastic bags in future pick-ups, which is a part of the ergonomic factor of this trashcan.

Rendering image in Queens.

Rendering image in Queens.

Technical drawing .

Technical drawing .